Who is Cameron Luvate?

Cameron Luvate, a 20 year old new and upcoming fashion designer, has a vision;
“To push fashion forward into a more technological realm.”

He believes that as technology is increasing so rapidly, fashion should be evolving exponentially. His inspirations consequently derive from interesting galactic sources such as Star Wars.

Often when designing, Luvate will find himself asking “Would Queen Amidala wear this?”. Other role models and muses include, Alexander McQueen with his beautiful yet controversial art-like pieces and Hussein Chalayan’s extremely innovative, gadget-like approach to fashion.

Much of his works use ‘homegrown’ resources such as tweed and leather due to his liking of heritage materials and brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Burberry and Mulberry.

I found Luvate’s juxtaposition of organic and man-made fabrics, against feelings of technology unexampled and definitely unique to anything I’ve seen in a while.

What I liked most about Cameron was that his silhouettes were powerful, edgy and hard. at the same time oozed femininity and sexiness, as they celebrated the female body without compromising on a sleek and “non-slutty” (his own words) image.

Here are some images from his sketchbooks and his designs:






IMG_7557 copy





Email : camronrex@facebook.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/camronrex

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