Question: What is something you have overcome and learnt as a young  Asian woman?

Let’s face it being Asian is amazing. We’ve got the spicy food, the music, how over the top and colourful our style is not to mention our deep rooted family values and how close we are as a community.

However, behind all the bright lights and sparkles there is a lot of darkness.

Sexism, the caste system, the ignorance around mental health and domestic violence to name just a few.

I think the first thing I learnt is never to stop questioning everything.

As an Asian woman there is a lot of expectation and unspoken rules on how we should live, act and what decisions and choices we should or shouldn’t make.

I’ve found that women are constantly made to feel that if they exercise their right to freedom in ways which are not accepted by culture and or the community then they will be talked about in a derogatory way with their reputation tarnished.

There is so much pressure on us, when really we are not a badge of honour. It is unfair to put this kind of pressure on young girls growing up…as if puberty isn’t enough to deal with!

Growing up, I was constantly reminded by not just relatives but mainly friends that if I dressed or acted in certain ways no one will marry me. That’s the other thing, the woman’s most important duty is to be married and to look after the home.

There is so much more to talk about and so many issues to highlight so I will be filming something soon for you guys.

Can you relate to anything I’ve been speaking about?

Let me know in the comments.

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