Details: Jumper- French Connection, Skirt- Asos, Shoes- TK MAXX, Clutch- Zara

As I scroll endlessly through fashion forward Tumblr posts searching for inspiration, most of the images which never fail to catch my attention are the ones where beautiful, tall and slender bloggers/ models are rocking their oversized garms.

I look at them and think ‘Why so perfect?’ in agony as I try to replicate these looks and fail to pull them off in such a nonchalant chic way.

Instead I end up feeling fat and frumpy but this is where I have my game all wrong because the whole point of this look is that it is supposed to be the opposite of flattering.

I (try to) compensate for not being tall by adding height to this ensemble with some platform heeled clogs (if that is even a valid description of them) I believe this helps take away the short frump factor which this look has a tendency to exude upon me.

In an ideal world I would have loved to wear trainers with this outfit which would have scored me a few more brownie points in the Tumblr world but my height of 5 ft 1 and a 1/2 inches will not allow for that kind of debauchery.

Welcome to the chronicles of my wardobe