Being as short as I am (5’2ish) it’s almost impossible for me not to look like a smurf in absolutely any trousers or jeans. Folding up my Mom pants and Jonie jeans does help, but the best thing to ever be created for short people is culottes. I mean, I did try to find an article alluding to the fact that it is a proven theory but the research I found has been contrary – oops. 

Maybe its an illusion or maybe I just have a warped view of how I see myself, but I feel the best ( and most confident) and least frumpy in culottes.

One thing I struggled with initially, and still do struggle with, is the state of my legs. I HATE THEM! I’ve tried everything to try and make them into the flawless pins you see on the likes of JLO and Eva Mendes but obviously I’ve failed miserably!

If any of you have any tips on how to make your legs look truly awesome – please let me know.

wordpress5 wordpresswordpress6Coat, culottes: Missguided, polo neck: Zara

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