I’ve been intrigued by washing machine dyes for a while now just because of how easy the method looks but I always bottle it when it comes to using them in case they totally mess up my machine.

I decided to go in for the kill and dye three items of clothing in three popping colours. I’ve linked my how-to-video down below where you can see the results. You can buy the Dylon dyes here.



Outfit details: Top: H&M (from the sale so it could be sold out), Jeans: Asos, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Primarkootd tarrif and dale

(Pom pom sold separately)

Update your wardrobe with bright coloured dyes


  1. Wash the clothes you will dye even if they are new to remove stains.
  2. Place the clothes in the washing machine and peel off the lid for the dye. Place on top of the clothes in the drum and wash at 40 degrees.
  3. Wash the clothes again with detergent.
  4. Take out the clothes and rinse your machine to get rid of any excess dye and to stop it from staining any other clothes.

Tips: Using clothes which are 100% cotton will give you the best results.

Sometimes dye can get stuck in the in the rubber seal around the door so make sure you wipe this before your next wash.

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