My mum says I am a fierce feminist, not because of its core fundamentals but because I was always jealous that my dad and brothers got to do less housework than I did.

She always jokes that my feminism was driven and powered by laziness. She’s probably right in the sense that, initially, that is where I became aware of cultural and societal differences in the way women and men are treated.

My brother and father would go out without so much of an explanation, whereas I, on the other hand, would have to fill out a full report on where I was going, who I was going with (with information about their character and family lineage) and most importantly – what time I will get home.

I know it came from a place of care and concern and my mum is a huge worrier. She would always warn me about the fact that one wrong move could essentially mean I could be raped, murdered and left (chopped up into small pieces) in a suitcase on the side of the M57.

My dad would say “you’re a young girl, all alone” (even though I would have friends with me) but what he meant was that any male could hijack us and do whatever he wanted. It is true. If a man wanted to he could have a weapon and force us to do whatever he pleased… but a woman could also do the same.

It’s sad that this is the way the world is and instead of educating males we are forced to shelter our children for their safety.

I didn’t expect this post to get as deep as it has but I thought it’s high time I spoke about a little more than the clothes. (scroll down for outfit details.)

blog4blogpost1blog sideblog5On a much lighter note… 

I FRIKKIN LOVE JUMPSUITS – not only for their Man Repelling qualities but because I can wake up in the morning and not have to think of separates and what goes well with what. I have a formal dress code at work and I wear this jumpsuit pared with some ankle boots or flat brogues. I guess the only downside of a jumpsuit is that it is not the most practical thing to wear when you’re trying to incorporate more water into your diet and are constantly running to the bathroom…

Jumpsuit: Missguided, polo kneck: New Look, Trainers: Nike, Bag: Cheap Monday

Can you relate to anything I was rambling about or am I just talking plain shit? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay safe girls 🙂 


  1. My best post of yours yet! Tell you why. Not because I’m a feminist. Well that’s a lie. But honestly, I do love the oh so fxcking necessary act of bringing light to social stigmas that need to be eradicated. Deep bruv(or sis in this context). No denying that I love how you delve into the realm of the feminine. I love how you associated jumpsuits with “Male Repellents”- lawlers. Just love love love & please, more of this ❤

    1. Glad you confirmed that you are in fact a feminist – would have had to have words with you if you weren’t. As always I love your feedback and can’t wait for you to provide me with some travel pieces in the future! Love you. xx

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m so glad my personality is coming through – I’ve always been nervous about showing my “true self” on the internet but I feel as though it’s high time I did. Keep in touch hun. xxx

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