As part of my research for my latest video, I decided to visit Evelyn’s – which is THE cutest little eatery in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, as I’d heard they make weird health coffees and smoothies like this beetroot latte.

Aside from the fact that beetroot makes your latte look SO instagrammable – it also has many health benefits as its a good source of iron and folate and more recent health claims suggest it can help lower blood pressure, boost exercise performance and prevent dementia.

The reason why I was interested in the latte is because 1- latte’s are my favourite hot drink (after hot coco) and 2- it is also said to help with water retention.

I had a great time at Evelyn’s with my friend Stephanie – you can check out her Instagram here – as we were discussing that she should write some guest pieces for Karishmacookie. Stephanie likes to go solo travelling and has visited Iceland, Berlin and is also planning to go to Barcelona. I thought it would be great to get some insight into what she does and she was happy to contribute :).


lattes@evelynsMajor blog girl error here…can you spot it? YES THOSE DARN PESKY SPAGHETTI STRAPS.




IMG_0130There’s no need for outfit details but if you really want to know where my top is from it is H&M. Is it just me or has that store really upped its game?

Where is your favourite place to grab coffee and what health trends are you looking to try out?

Watch how to make your own beetroot flavoured unicorn latte here:


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